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What is Humand?

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Humand is an all-in-one app that connects and brings your entire company together on one lightweight and user-friendly platform.

With Humand, you can create a private digital community that centralizes culture, internal communication, and HR management, allowing you to do everything from your phone.

From the admin panel of your community, you'll be able to customize and activate various features, such as:

  • Instant and targeted reach with push notifications
  • Provide employees with quick and easy access to important information
  • Reduction of emails and paperwork
  • Customize and control everything from the Admin Panel
  • Easy and secure integrations with HR systems (SAP, AD, PeopleSoft, Meta4, etc.)
  • No corporate email required for login
  • Digital community to strengthen culture and sense of belonging
  • Metrics dashboard and reporting

If you're interested in learning more details about the benefits, we invite you to read: 📝Main benefits of Humand

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