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What is Humand API?

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An API is an Application Programming Interface that allows two software components to interact with each other through a set of definitions and protocols. In the case of Humand, we have a public API that can be used to integrate your community with external systems. Our API is an HTTP REST API and uses JSON for requests and responses.

Through the API, you can directly impact:

  • User Creation, Deletion, and Modification.
  • Creation and update of Groups and User Segmentation Items.
  • Wall Post Creation.
  • Uploading Personal Documents.
  • File Creation, Deletion, and Modification.
  • Recognition Creation.
  • User Photo Submission.
  • News Upload.
  • Obtaining information about Vacation and Leave Requests.

And more! For security reasons, not all methods are documented.

For technical details of our API, you can refer to the documentation: Humand Public API

And if you're interested in learning how to integrate your community with other systems, you can read: 📚How to integrate Humand with other systems?

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