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How do I download an attendance record report?

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Luego de que los colaboradores hayan comenzado a registrar sus jornadas laborales existe la posibilidad de descargar reportes con la información de los mismos.

After the collaborators have started recording their working hours you will be able to download reports containing this information.

To see and download the attendance record reports you have to:

1. On the left menu of Humand Web, go to Time tracking 


2. Select the period of time to be included in the report, and then click on Download report

3. Now you will be able to see two types of report available:

  • Detailed report: contains the records of each workday of the collaborator
  • Consolidated report: contains the records sum for the selected period

4. Lastly, we can filter the collaborators we want to include in the report. We can either select the users specifically or by segmentations.

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