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How do I assign Time Off approvers?

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You can customize up to two approval stages (one is mandatory and the other is optional). At each approval stage you can choose as approving agent:

  • A particular user/s.
  • An entire segmentation group (for example the Human Resources area).
  • The direct manager and/or second level manager.

All these approvers can be at the same stage. That is, if in the first approval stage we include a particular user, and an entire group and the direct manager, the request is approved when any of these people accept it.

To choose the approvers you have to:

1. On the Time off section, click on Approvers



2. Choose the approvers you want to assign, whether its a particular user or group


3. After setting it up, click "Save".



4. That's it! You have successfully assigned your approvers.


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