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How do I manage and track the requests and balances of my collaborators?

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The time off approvers can manage and track requests and balances. To perform these actions you must follow these steps:

1. Log in to Humand App

2. On the left menu, go to “Time off > Management”.


3. There you will find three sections: “Requests”, “Balances” and "Calendar".

  • Desde aquí el aprobador puede realizar la gestión de solicitudes aprobadas, pendientes, rechazadas y canceladas. In this section the approver can manage the requests: approved, in progress or rejected.


    You can filter by:

    • People
    • Policy type
    • Policy
    • Status
    • Request period


    The collaborator can approve or reject a request from the 3 dots button: 

    Or by accessing the details of the request:

    After the request has been approved, the administrator can cancel it from this same section, as well as download a report of the requests made.

    : The collaborator can also cancel the request if it has not been approved. 

  • From this section the approver can visualize the time available and the time already used for each user according to the type of policy.


    You can select the type of policy or filter according to a specific user, and make adjustments to Add or Subtract balance, meaning you can adjust the time available manually:


    Lastly, you can download a report with all the balance information:

    • Name and surname
    • Username
    • Policy type
    • Policy
    • Time available
    • Time used

    By clicking on Advanced Options, you will be able to download a report with the additional information you set up for both the requests made and the collaborators' balances. The information you can add to the report is:

    • Adding request fields to the report.
    • User's segmentations.
    • User's profile fields.
    • Choose the report's format.

    To view the balances tab and to be able to modify collaborator's balances, the user must have the Manage Time off permission.

  • The approvers of the requests can visualize the days that each collaborator has requested, identifying by color the status of the requests between:

    • Approved request
    • Pending request
    • Request in progress


    You can also filter by person, policy type, policy and request status, to display in the calendar only the requests you need.

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