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How do I create a template?

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A form template provides the structure of the information to be completed by the collaborators and/or evaluators. There you will find the instructions to answer, the questions and the type of answer possible for each one of them.

To create a new template you must follow these steps:

1. On the left menu, go to Performance > Templates 
2. Click on New template



3. Next you have to write the name of the new template and you can add instructions so that the collaborators know what to take into account when answering.

4. Then add the questions you want for this template. To do this you have two options:

  • Create a question
  • Add it from the question bank


5. If you wish, from the Preview button you can check the result of your template before finishing it



And once everything is ready, you have created a new template that you can use in any evaluation cycle!

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