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How do I view the results of an evaluation cycle in progress or completed?

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You can view the progress of an evaluation cycle while it is in progress, and you can view the results of the evaluations when the cycle ends.

To view the progress follow these steps:

1. Click on the cycle you wish to track.

2. There you can track the overall progress, the evaluators and the evaluated.



  • Within the overall progress of the cycle you will see the progress of the total evaluations, as well as the detailed progress according to the type of evaluation (upward, downward, peer, self review).



  • In the Evaluators tab you will find information on the status of their evaluations and how many evaluations each evaluator has (and has not) completed.


If a collaborator is not supposed to evaluate anyone but appears in this section, it is because self reviews are configured.

      • In the evaluated section you can see the status of their evaluations, how many evaluations correspond to them and how many of the total evaluations were performed for each one of them.


If the cycle is finished, you will be able to see the results of all the evaluations performed.

To do this you must enter the completed cycle, there you can see the evaluations of the collaborator you want by clicking on the status of the evaluation, you can also download a report that will be sent to the email you specify.


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