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How do create a group?

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To create a group in Humand:

1. Log in to Humand Admin
2. At the left menu, go to Groups
3. Click Create group

4. Select your general aspects:

  • Group name
  • Icon
  • Group description (optional)
  • Privacy type:  
    • Open: Anyone in your company can join and see members post in the group. But they cannot comment until they join the group.
    • Secret: Only group members can view the group with all its information and make posts.

5. Select the employees who will be members of the group. You can select:

  • All the employees
  • Specific employees users by filtering with your community segmentations or by searching for contributors manually.

You'll still be able to add employees to your group after it's created.

6. Verify that the group configuration is correct. Likewise, you can edit it once the group is created:

  • Any member of the group: Any member of the group can publish posts in the group feed
  • Administrators only: Only administrators can publish posts in the group feed


By default members added from this section are added only as members and not as group administrators.


7. Click Create group


8. And that's it! Your group has been crated successfully.

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