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How do we edit an already created course?

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To prevent the loss of information in the editing of courses, the modification of questionnaires is limited. Only the text of the questions can be edited but you can not create or delete questions.

To edit an already created course, you have to:

1. On the left menu, go to Courses

2. Click on the three dots button (⦙)

3. Finally, click on Edit

Now you can edit all of the course’s settings:

  • Basic information (title and cover image)
  • Content (modules and lessons)
  • Settings (course type, sequentiality, deadline of completion, target audience and notifications).

Currently, the changes made on the courses have repercussions only on those users that have not finished the course, whether they are on the process of doing it or have not started. Examples:

  • Collaborator that has not started the course will see the last version of it when they click on it
  • Collaborator has already started the course will have to complete the tasks that have been added even if that module was already completed
  • Collaborator that has already finished the course will not have any modifications in the status
  • Collaborator that has already finished a lesson and then this one was edited will not have to do it again (whether or not it has pending content)

In summary, the collaborators that have finished the course previous to the changes will not be affected while the ones that are still completing them or have not started will see the changes.

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