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How do we see/download a report by collaborator or evaluation?

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To see and download the reports of a course you have to

1.  On the left menu, go to Courses

2. Click on the three dots button (⦙) 

3. Click on See report



4. Now you can see the two types of reports available: report by collaborator and report by evaluation

Lets see each of them with more detail:

  • The report by collaborator allows you to see:

    • The amount of collaborators assigned to the course
    • The amount of collaborators that are currently completing courses
    • The amount of collaborators that have finished a course
    • The average progress of the collaborators that are doing the course or have already finished. The ones that have not started are not included in the average progress.

    In addition, for more detail, it allows you to know the following elements per collaborator:

    - Status: finished, in progress or pending

    - Start date: when the course was started

    - End date: when the course was finished

    - Days: period of time in which the course was completed

    - Progress: the completed percentage of the course

    - Evaluations: amount of evaluations completed in the course

    If you wish to download this information you have to click on Download report:

    Customize the report as you wish and click on Send

    That’s it! You will be receiving the report on the indicated mail address.

  • In the case that a course has evaluations, you will be able to see and download a report on the status and results of those evaluations. The report by evaluation lets you know:

    - Evaluation: name of the evaluation

    - Module: the module associated with that evaluation

    - Questions: the amount of questions on that evaluation

    - Last modification: the date of the last modification

    - Minimum grade: in order to pass the course

    - Approved: amount of approved users in the evaluation

    - Not approved: amount of users that have not approved the evaluation

    - Average grade: the average grade that users got when doing the evaluation. If they still have tries left and have not approved, it will not be included in this report.

    If you want to download a report on each evaluation's results, you have to click on the three dots button (

    Customize the the report as you wish and then click Send

    That's it! You will receive the report with all the information on the module's evaluation on the indicated mail address.


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