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Performance FAQs

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We provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Performance section:

  • From the community's Administrator Panel, we can access the cycle for which we want to see the progress, and download the reports, whether the cycle is still in progress or finished.

  • By sending reminders to the evaluators of our evaluation cycles who have not yet completed their evaluations, these notifications will be sent to their mobile devices through the Humand App, as well as to their e-mails in case your users have an e-mail address assigned to them.

  • Yes, indeed. Only administrators who have permission to manage the Performance module from the community's Administrator Panel will be able to access each cycle and view the collaborators' editing requests. Please note that at the end of the cycle, we will not be able to approve pending requests.
  • Yes, a collaborator can be evaluated in multiple evaluation cycles simultaneously.
  • Initially, when setting up the evaluation cycle, we can configure the visibility of the submissions. That is, if a direct manager will be able to view the self reviews of his collaborators before the end of the cycle, or on the other hand, if we prefer that he cannot access the visualization of these answers until the cycle has been completed and the evaluations have been delivered.

  • Yes, all evaluations and their results can be accessed from the administrator panel.
  • Yes, deliveries can be disabled when configuring the cycle so that only the administrator has the ability to make deliveries (managers no longer see the share button).
  • The changes apply to the templates of cycles that are not started. Once the cycle is started, the templates are not modified.
  • Yes, in fact, it is possible to assign different percentages to objectives, competencies and scoring type questions within the evaluation (e.g.: define that objectives are worth 70% and competencies 30% in the final evaluation grade).
  • You can create and run 2 or more evaluation cycles in parallel without any problem. The dates can be completely independent.

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