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How do I create an experience survey?

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An experience survey is a combination of questions and dimensions that allow us to record the collaborator's experience and commitment within the community.

To create a new experience survey:

1. Log in to Humand Admin

2. At the left menu, go to People Experience > All surveys

3. Click on New Survey

4. Now, you will have to set the following sections:

  • In this section you will be able to create the questions you want to include in the survey. You have the option to include the eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) question if you would like to, which is a standard metric that determines an employee’s readiness to recommend their company as a workplace to others. This question can not be modified since it is an established convention that will allow to make comparisons with the same indicator in other companies and industries.

  • In this section you can select the collaborators that you want to include in the survey. It can be everyone in the community or specific users or segmentations.

  • These are used to segment the results of your survey and it is based on the user’s information at the time of the survey’s creation. We recommend updating the information and fill in said fields in order to obtain results as accurate as possible.

  • This section will allow us to verify all the information in the survey.

5. After clicking Activate survey, that's it! You have already created your experience survey. You should be able to see the following banner next to the name of the survey.



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